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ABCMoney: APM Monaco Drops New Jewelry Collections for the Upcoming Holiday Season: Meteorites and Yummy

APM Monaco Drops New Jewelry Collections for the Upcoming Holiday Season: Meteorites and Yummy

The holiday season is both fun and stressful. One of the key causes of stress associated with the holiday season is thinking of original presents people would love, finding the time to go shopping, sticking to a budget, and finally keeping everyone happy. So, Christmas gift ideas are always welcome and the more there are out there the better. The wrong gift, however, can do more harm than good. The conundrum is to make the gift recipient happy without directly asking him or her about it. A thoughtful gift can strengthen a relationship, while an unthoughtful one may hurt and weaken the bond. The Christmas gift dilemma hangs over us this time of the year again.

APM Monaco, a leading fashion jewelry brand, most probably the only one that combines a forty-year-old high-end jewelry manufacturing experience with Southern France’s incomparable joie de vivre and inherent style, is turning the task of Christmas present shopping into a pleasant, burdenless, adventure.

2022 was a good year for APM Monaco as it celebrated 40 years in business with a series of memorable events on both sides of the Atlantic. APM Monaco sparked tremendous public and media interest for its Fashion Week dinners, events during the Monaco Grand Prix, and more. Without a doubt, with over 400 stores in Asia, Europe, and America, an international online store, and up to 50 new collections (with one dropping each month), APM Monaco’s Christmas gift options are abundant and unrivaled.

This holiday season, APM is rolling out ‘must haves’,’ including the stylish Meteorites, gentle Yummy Bears, and other collections.

The exclusive Meteorites Set consisting of Meteorites necklaces and earrings made of sterling silver and zirconia are an elegant and subdued piece for any occasion — a night out or everyday wear. You don’t get tired of the subtle elegance the set emanates. The Meteorites collection itself is vast; its common motif, a star-shaped and zirconia-studded miniature visualization of a meteorite, is the lynchpin of every piece in the collection be it a choker, a necklace, or drop earrings. The meteorites stars come in tandem with no less spectacular zirconia-covered circles in the extravaganza of such pieces as Meteorites & Circles Y-drop Choker, Statement Meteorites & Circles Drop Earrings, and Meteorites & Circles Bracelet. Those are a perfect fit with a cocktail dress and for a night out.

A tribute to the brand’s 40th anniversary, the Yummy collection strikes a different chord. Yummy bears around which the collection is designed are present in every piece and are a symbolic throwback to the inner child that is hidden within everyone. the design, however, is exquisite yet warm, producing a desire to cuddle the little bear in your hands and not let it go. Any Yummy piece will make a perfect and unforgettable Christmas gift for your loved ones. Yummy bears come in different sizes and can be worn both as a pendant with a necklace, as earrings, and as rings.

APM’s Morse Code collection proves SOS is not the only message you can send out with the Morse code. The dots, dashes, and spaces may deliver thousands of messages — the word LOVE being one of them. APM connects Morse dots and dashes into the LOVE theme in its Morse Code collection with each piece of jewelry embroidered with a secret Morse word. Words like love, smile, and bonheur (French for happiness) are engraved on the Morse Code collection’s rings, earrings, bracelets, and chain necklaces.

In other timely news, APM Monaco’s jewelry was recently featured on a global stage as international pop star Maluma sported an APM Monaco necklace while performing the Official FIFA Fan Anthem,Tukoh Taka, at the World Cup. Additionally, APM Monaco sponsored a Gala in Paris along with Eva Longoria.

Whether it is a Morse code message or a personalized jewelry piece, APM jewelry will send a loving message to your friends and family packed in an unforgettable Christmas gift. So let the Christmas shopping adventure begin with APM’s new offerings for this year’s holiday season!