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JustLuxe: APM Monaco Makes the Art of Jewelry Design Accessible to All

JustLuxe: APM Monaco Makes the Art of Jewelry Design Accessible to All

APM Monaco Makes the Art of Jewelry Design Accessible to All

Collection Festival from APM Monaco

The jewelry industry is a thriving business intersecting with culture, art, and history. One of the most interesting aspects of jewelry is how its function and style evolve over time and from place to place. Today, contemporary jewelry has taken on “new technologies and non-precious materials,” developing it into ‘wearable art.’ While there are innovative strides taking place in the market, some consumers have difficulty finding companies that offer products at prices they can afford. Most of the brands that are known for their designs use expensive resources and elements that limit their audience to the wealthier populations. In response, more affordable brands would stick to more simplistic designs with little variety or kitchy designs with lower quality.

When companies focus on reducing production costs and increasing output, there is little room to provide unique and special jewelry through the power design as well as to ensure quality. However, after 30 years of experience in the jewelry manufacturing industry, the Prette family created APM Monaco with a mission to fill this gap of variety and affordability, all while maintaining and improving quality. The current CEO, Philippe Prette, along with his wife, Kika Prette, as the Creative Director, wanted APM Monaco to be a company that would provide chic, elegant, and high-end accessories to all, in an accessible way. Endorsing a welcoming and warm nature, they are reflective of the Southern France vitality. This modus operandi is palpable in all things APM Monaco.

Philippe and Kika Prette, CEO and CCO of APM Monaco

The APM Monaco team has the most versatile product roster in the jewelry market because they design and release a new collection every month; these new collections are representative always representative of a new theme. They use that theme to inspire every detail of the collection, from the art of the jewelry designs to the marketing campaigns (including musical playlists and social media content). Within each collection, there are between 40 to 50 new pieces. Drawing on their historical manufacturing experience, the APM Monaco team makes sure the craftsmanship is always held to the highest standard. With their own teams and production sites, they watch over each step of the jewelry creation, utilizing zirconia stones and other sustainable alternatives to precious stones and gems. This allows APM to ensure quality as well as affordability.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of APM

With over 400 stores worldwide, the APM Monaco staff prides themselves on being supportive and channeling a welcoming attitude towards each other and their customers; this helps foster trustworthy relationships with the consumers. A part of creating a professional environment, the brand makes explicit efforts to endorse and maintain sustainable practices. For example, the Wonderland Program encourages consumers to bring in older APM accessories to be recycled for new ones. As a part of the program, APM Monaco ensures a 2-year full warranty, professional cleaning, and lifetime repair to maintain jewels. This initiative was inspired by their motto, “enjoy now, protect the future.”

Collection Yummy celebrating APM’s 40th anniversary

The brand’s most recent endeavor, the Yummy Collection, spearheaded by Kika, is a commemoration of APM Monaco’s 40th anniversary. The collection is made up of various micro-setted ‘Yummy Bears,” which are specifically designed teddy bears that can be attached to a multitude of accessories. Offered in a variety of colors, the Yummy Collection is symbolic of the first hallmark figure for the brand – the teddy bear. Kika hopes this collection will evoke feelings of warmth, love, and kindness.

APM boutiques around the world

The APM Monaco team is excited to continue their growth, especially in the United States, online and in stores. Continuously creating new collections, APM Monaco is ready to keep fueling their creativity and versatility through the art of jewelry design.