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Life and Style: APM Monaco’s 40th Anniversary Provides Insight on How to Create Lasting Business Success

Life and Style: APM Monaco’s 40th Anniversary Provides Insight on How to Create Lasting Business Success

APM Monaco’s 40th Anniversary Provides Insight on How to Create Lasting Business Success

Collection Yummy from APM Monaco

Building an enduring and prosperous company in the modern age is no easy feat, particularly given the intensely competitive landscape of the contemporary global marketplace. According to recent data, more than 50 percent of businesses fail to make it to their fifth year of operations, a number that only gets slimmer as time passes as only one-third of startups live to make it to their tenth year. The twentieth year is even harder to reach, a milestone only 21 percent – barely one-fifth of all businesses – accomplish.

As such, businesses that break these barriers and defy the odds to achieve continual success act as a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs, leading by example on what operational choices to make to build a flourishing and long-lasting enterprise.

Fresh off of the celebrations of its 40th year anniversary – a major accomplishment shattering statistical expectations – renowned Monegasque jewelry retailer APM Monaco has become a shining beacon of business prowess, creating a lasting impression on the global fashion scene and fostering an enduring base of loyal customers in its wake.

Plenty of APM Monaco’s success comes down to its core operational ethos, functioning as a family-run business since its creation in the 1980s by brand founder Ariane Prette. Now headed by Ariane’s son, CEO Phillipe Prette, and his wife, Chief Creative Officer Kika Prette, APM Monaco’s family-first motto reverberates throughout the vertically-integrated company.

Philippe and Kika Prette, CEO and CCO of APM Monaco

Though APM Monaco has long gained repute for its high-end manufacturing for some of the world’s luxury jewelry brands, Philippe and Kika demonstrated a masterclass in innovation when the duo pivoted away from solely manufacturing and into establishing APM Monaco as a proprietary retailer some ten years ago. With a mission to bring high-end jewelry at affordable and attainable prices to the world at large, APM Monaco replaces precious metals and stones like gold and diamonds with more cost-efficient choices like silver and cubic zirconia, all while keeping production quality and design paramount.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of the brand

Rather than maintain flagship designs like other jewelry houses that can become repetitive and antiquated, APM Monaco stays on the precipice of present-day trends by releasing more than 40 pieces of jewelry per month to keep up with its customer base’s demands. Recent APM Monaco launches include the FESTIVAL Collection, a show-stopping curation of statement pieces fit for the red carpet or formal occasions, and the customizable MÉTÉORITES Collection, faced by French model Thylane Blondeau, which have been spotted on celebrities and influencers around the world.

Thylane Blondeau in the Collection Festival campaign

Customer retention has been another vital aspect of APM Monaco’s enduring success, offering consumer-first options like the Wonderland Program where people can return their old APM Monaco jewelry for 15 percent of its original value in exchange for store credit to their next purchase, matched with the brand’s signature low lifetime repair rates and two-year warranty.

Though there’s no exact formula to follow to reach business success, taking cues from vertically-integrated companies like APM Monaco could mean the difference between entrepreneurial failure and lasting prosperity. With an impressive 40 years under its belt already, it’s anticipated that APM Monaco, its fine fashion jewelry, and well-oiled operational machine will continue serving the international community’s jewelry needs with gusto for decades more to come.