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MORSE CODE | March 24, 2022

Another way to Love...à la APM!

APM Monaco Valentine February Collection
APM Monaco Morse Code Collection thylane blondeau and baptiste giabiconi

This week we’re talking about one of our coolest drops yet. You guessed it, it’s jewelry with secret encoded messages that only you and your loved ones will know the meaning to… But don’t worry, we’ll be uncovering the mystery behind the Morse Code in this post, so read on! If there's any excuse to love, this is it.

APM Monaco Morse Code History

Before sharing how this collection actually came to life, a little bit of history. The practice of Morse Code dates back to the 1800s and was named after Samuel Morse. It was used intelecommunication to encode pieces of text into different sequences (called dots and dashes, or dits and dahs). 

APM Monaco Morse Code Collection

With our secret Love message Morse Code jewelry, we wanted to introduce a new type of love language- the APM love language. 

APM Monaco Morse Code Rings

Sometimes love means being a good listener; but sometimes, love also means a navy blue box with a pretty ribbon. These are only two of the five different love languages that exist. Do you know which one is yours ?... take the test and discover how love gets you !! (

APM Monaco Morse Code Bracelets
APM Monaco Morse Code Bracelets

In the meantime, we’ll give you a brief overview. Starting with Words of Affirmation, which is known to be the most common “Love Language”. This means a person feels most loved when they are shown it through written and spoken methods.

For instance, a love note or a simple “I love you”. Then comes Quality Time, which is straightforward. This type of person feels most loved when their partner chooses to spend time with them, being present and listening to each other. Next is Acts of Service: when the person wants their partner to do any big or small chore that would help out and make their life easier.

Basically for these people, “actions speak louder than words”. The fourth is Gifts, this person feels loved when they are given a gift that shows the person has thought about it at length (it’s not about the materialistic aspect). This person knows what it means to select a gift for a person and the care that goes into it. Lastly is Physical Touch, so public display of affection, hugging, holding hands…This person feels most connected when this form of intimacy dominates in the romantic relationship. 

APM Monaco Morse Code Bracelets

The APM Morse Code jewelry is an undercover way of showing Love as well. There’s a secret that hides inside all APM Morse Code… These jewels are some of the most symbolic we’ve created so far and are at the top of our 2022 wishlist.

They are inspired by and dedicated to individuality and partnership; two opposite things that can be weaved together by the act of loving; no matter what it looks like. That’s what makes it truly special; that only you and the one you love knows how special it is to be wearing APM Morse Code jewelry. When jewelry is this meaningful, it becomes an everyday essential. 

With APM’s 40 year anniversary coming up, as well as Mother and Father’s Day, we have many reasons to feel allllll the gratitude, warmth, and fuzziness! This Love encoded jewelry is perfect for the occasions to come, so treat yourself and those that you love! When more love means more jewels; that’s something we can get behind. Come see the beauty that hides within our jewelry…