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Vogue: Festive jewellery by APM Monaco to shop for Christmas, and wear all year round

Festive jewellery by APM Monaco to shop for Christmas, and wear all year round

APM Monaco Noel Collection Vogue


Festive jewellery by APM Monaco to shop for Christmas, and wear all year round

Infuse your festive ensembles with a little joie de vivre from the South of France

It’s that time of the year again when everyone’s spoiling for a little glamour, something joyous, or an extra-large serving of fashionable decadence. In other words, it’s time to update your jewellery box with the latest Christmas-ready pieces. This year, we’re all about versatile designs that uplift your festive ensembles while remaining wearable throughout the entire year, such as these fabulous creations by APM Monaco.

Bringing a distinctive joie de vivre to fashion silver jewellery, APM Monaco offers jewellery lovers all over the world a slice of the luxurious French Mediterranean, where the sun is always shining and people are always smiling. This young and fashion-forward label creates trendy, well-crafted jewellery that inspires us to look on the bright side of life, and stay chic but also mindful of our wellbeing.

APM Monaco Noel necklace

Released just in time for Christmas is APM Monaco’s new party-perfect Noel collection which looks amazing whether dressed with shimmery sequins or set against intense black. Layer on the bling with the Spark Triple Chain choker and frost yourself with the Statement Spark earrings, classic hoop earrings, ring, and bracelet—all made in sterling silver set with white cubic zirconia. Now you’re ready to dazzle the crowds.

This iced-out aesthetic is not only great for Christmas, though. These creations pair elegantly with a classic LBD on your next date night, and will help soften the sharp edges of a power suit any day of the week.

APM Monaco Yummy Necklace

But as we’re still in the thick of the festive season, let’s get into the real reason everyone’s all hopped up about Christmas: yummy Yuletide treats! And APM Monaco’s Yummy collection definitely knows what we’re talking about because the adorable jewellery designs look good enough to eat.

Shaped like gummy bear candy we’ve all snacked on as kids, the pieces showcase APM Monaco’s craftsmanship and creative spirit in equal measure. Made of sterling silver, these delightful charms feature micro-paved zirconia stones in every colour of the rainbow, so you can customise your own Yummy bear stack and dopamine-dress to your heart’s content.

APM Monaco Necklace Necklace

Of course, Christmas is a time for us to reflect on the past year and be appreciative of all the wins, whether they’re big or small ones. It’s also a time for us to aspire towards greater things as we cross into a new year, a wish encapsulated perfectly by APM Monaco’s Meteorites collection.

As one of APM Monaco’s signature collections, it comprises a wide range of jewellery styles such as statement rings and earrings, cuffs, adjustable necklaces, bracelets and manchettes, and delicate everyday pieces. The star motif invites us to make a wish upon it, not just for the festive season but in the months ahead and beyond. This way, every time we put these jewels on, we’re reminded of our achievements and goals in life as well.

So as you go Christmas shopping this month, don’t forget to make a stop at APM Monaco. The Noel collection launches at its Raffles City store on 14th December, while Meteorites, Yummy, and other iconic collections are now available on APM Monaco online as well as in-store.