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Vogue: Turn up the heat with APM Monaco’s new summer collection

Turn up the heat with APM Monaco’s new summer collection

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Turn up the heat with APM Monaco’s new summer collection

APM Monaco's latest pieces are a true celebration of summer, the French Riviera's favourite season

Sun-kissed skin, longer daylight hours, the azure blue of the Mediterranean Sea—summer in the French Riviera is a magical time. The streets come alive with people reveling in the beauty that the season has to offer. Nature, too, seems to rejoice during this time of the year, putting on its best form in its rugged coastlines and lush vineyards.

In a celebration of the glitz and glamour that encapsulates the summer season of its birthplace, APM Monaco has launched Collection Été. Vibrant, colourful and fun, the pieces speak of sun, sand, sea, and cocktails on the beach.

Taking centre stage is Malachite, a line featuring the eponymous stone. Its rich green colour, often with a mesmerising pattern of streaks and swirls, epitomises the lively spirit of summer in the French Riviera. Some also believe that the gem is a bringer of health and fortune to its wearer.

APM Monaco Noel necklace black background

The Malachite Heart designs, featuring the stone carved into the universal symbol of love, are made to carry sentiment. They are for expressing love for the French Riviera—remembering a summer fling, commemorating days spent by the sea with loved ones, and everything in between. These feminine creations frame the stone in cubic zirconia halos, and mount it on delicate beaded ring bands, bracelet and necklace chains, and earring hoops. To make a statement, look to the designs with multiple heart motifs.

For a more gender-neutral style, the designs featuring square-cut malachite should fit the bill. Also framed in cubic zirconia halos, the stones are laid in long rows to form a necklace, bangle, and dangling earrings. The Signet Ring is a timeless must-have for men, and bold, modern women who are unafraid to bend the rules.

The pieces featuring disc-shaped malachites present a unique take on coloured gems for everyday wear. Set in the centre of the malachite discs are cubic zirconias and a lab-created material made from glass, ceramic and nano-sized spinel crystals. These are then strung on delicate chains in necklaces, a bracelet, and dangling earrings.

A summer collection isn’t complete without designs inspired by the sun. The aptly named Soleil line is a celebration of the life-giving star and the nature that thrives in its warm embrace. Sun-shaped motifs are set with glittering cubic zirconias so that they shine like the line’s namesake. Minimalist designs featuring twisted gold bands accented by pavé-set cubic zirconias, and chunky chains with carabiner-style clasps are simply calling out to be paired with casual summer outfits. The Flower pieces, with pear-shaped cubic zirconias that are reminiscent of delicate petals, call to mind flower crowns wrapped around the wrist and neck.

Also looking to the skies for inspiration is the Météorites line. New additions such as pendant earrings, elaborate hand ornaments, and statement rings featuring the line’s iconic star motifs are the must-have accessories for a glamorous summer. Pieces featuring lagoon blue-dyed carbonate bring back memories of idyllic afternoons spent swimming in the clear turquoise waters of hidden lagoons.