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Words From The Dream Couple  | May 26, 2022

Words from the dream couple


1. The moment you realized that APM was a major global brand

Philippe: Cannes, August 2013. We had just opened our store and it was full all day with people from different nationalities and backgrounds. It was the first time I saw such a diverse group of people trying jewelry and browsing the collections. They had nothing but sparks in their eyes. Kika: 2015, at one of the first APM Monaco press days. I was doing a day of interviews and realized how established APM was as a brand. It was a major moment on a personal level too, to see people really appreciate our designs. Another big moment was in 2018, at the Beijing event with Yao Chen in honor of the capsule collection we launched together. 

2. 4 words to describe each other

Philippe about Kika: Bright, perfect, superb, grumpy (before 10am!)

Kika about Philippe: Visionary, hyper, generous, loving

3. A difficult moment you faced throughout the years of building the APM brand

Philippe: The transition with the ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), because we basically created our own niche from scratch: fashion in jewelry. It was a whole new adventure and all bets were against us. We proved everyone wrong because we knew and believed deeply in the project and APM vision!

4. Most memorable moment of your career so far

Kika: The first collection I worked on in 2010 was called “Stelle” (which means “stars” in Italian) and I will forever remember seeing the pieces for the first time in real life. It’s a full circle moment because today Météorites is one of our iconic collections and it’s inspired by the star designs we started out with. Also for the December 2016 campaign, we shot in the summertime at my mother’s house in Monaco. Ilona Smet, the campaign face, wore my mother's vintage couture Yves Saint Laurent red skirt and my children, Andrea and Mia, were a part of the shoot too. The entire shoot really emulated APM family values and the elegance of a “Christmas spent at home”.