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Yahoo Finance: APM Monaco Fills the Gap in Providing Elegant, Design-focused Jewelry in an Attainable Way

Yahoo Finance: APM Monaco Fills the Gap in Providing Elegant, Design-focused Jewelry in an Attainable Way

APM Monaco Fills the Gap in Providing Elegant, Design-focused Jewelry in an Attainable Way

MONTE CARLO, MONACO / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2022 / Although the jewelry industry has evolved over time, varying from culture to culture, it has also kept its classic meaning. It has the power to shape the image of a person, or even reflect the sentiment behind a certain moment or occasion. It has the power to bring detail to any outfit and bring further confidence to oneself. In fact, a New York Times article goes to explore the power of jewelry in a deeper sense: "jewelry, that peculiarly intimate accessory, has long been associated with protection, whether spiritual, emotional or even physical." The jewelry women choose to wear for self-expression is said to be linked to more women "buying jewelry for themselves than ever before."

That is why it is important to find those brands that can offer individuality and quality, which can be hard to difficult with a limited budget. More so, It can be especially challenging to find brands that offer an array of unique designs, as innovation is not easily incorporated and explored in the traditional jewelry industry

Collection Festival from APM Monaco

APM Monaco is a family run jewelry company that focuses on both innovation and attainability. Their motto revolves around elegance, class, and luxury, coming from a fashion-forward lens. Founded by the Prette family, APM Monaco has garnered experience, relationships, and knowledge in the jewelry industry as a top manufacturer for luxury brands since 1982. In 2012, son of Ariane Prette, Philippe Prette, created the consumer-facing division of the brand APM Monaco in partnership with his wife, Kika Prette as the Creative Director. Since the brand's beginning, they have become a leader in the world of jewelry with around 400 stores worldwide.

APM Flagship stores in Monaco, London, New York and Beijing.

One of their main strategies emphasizing versatility is APM Monaco's commitment to releasing a new collection every month, varying the styles by themes. APM Monaco prides itself on its ability to consistently create original collections that resonate with consumers. Furthermore, employing modern media tactics, the APM Monaco team creates unique content for each new collection in order to keep their consumers engaged and excited; this strategy has helped them secure a loyal consumer base that is looking forward to what is next. The APM Monaco team also makes sure their stores foster a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, highlighting the relationships they create with new and returning customers.

Collection Lumiere launched in March 2022

During the manufacturing process, APM Monaco put great importance on their craftsmanship and development steps. Utilizing more attainable and eco-friendly resources like silver and zirconia stones, the brand can create pieces that are more affordable to public and have a lower environmental impact. In doing so, they draw on their manufacturing experience, using their own production sites and teams to carefully oversee each step, ensuring the end result is of the finest quality,

Craftsmanship is at the heart of the brand

One of their most recent collections, in celebration of their 40th anniversary, is the Yummy Collection pioneered by Kika. As an homage to brand's first hallmark, a teddy bear, as well as comforting feelings of childhood. The collection consists of "Yummy Bears" that can be clipped to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or any other type of accessory. The symbol is meant to evoke feelings of love and kindness and care for others. This collection reflects the brand's current imperative to make more unisex and adaptable jewelry.

Celebrating APM's 40th anniversary with collection Yummy

With APM Monaco continuing to fill this unique space in the jewelry market, they will only continue to perfect their craftsmanship and creative outlooks. In doing so, they are looking forward to expanding their audience reach both online and in stores, especially in the United States.