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an magazine cover that feature a woman wearing a dress and APM Monaco jewelryan magazine cover that feature a woman wearing a dress and APM Monaco jewelry

APM News #28

  • Say hello to summer with a glass of Rosé in one hand wearing your go-to summer look: shorts and simple tee taken up a notch with Collection UN APRÈS-MIDI A LA PLAGE, the summery pieces will become your must-have jewelry for a beach day through to an evening apéro.

    The collection features fun, retro yet timeless designs; happy faces, pearls, hearts, 4-leaf clovers and more, each piece brought to a new dimension with bright neon enamel colors, turquoises and multi-colored stones, perfect for mix & matching and made to bring you good vibes all summer long….

  • The playful and fun atmosphere of the Collection came alive as the ombre blues of the sea reflected the backdrop of Monaco.

    Show off our stripey must-have tote bag with our summer neon happy face!

APM News #27

  • For this Collection, we went to the exclusive and breath-taking Salle Garnier - a gem of the principality of Monaco; The opera opened its doors in 1879 and was designed by architect Charles Garnier.

    Collection FESTIVAL was presented in this beautiful location with opulent Baroque style decor, the gold-leaf frescoes and crimson velvet details brought the ambiance of our collection to life.

    Collection FESTIVAL designs are elegant, timeless and dreamy, wearing the jewels will make you travel and believe you are in a fairy tale.

    Each piece is handcrafted with scintillating stones webbed into jewels - festive drop earrings, statement necklaces, and more out-of-the-ordinary jewelry all to create a bold yet lustrous look; Fit to wear an occasion you'll want to remember.

an magazine cover that feature a woman wearing a dress and APM Monaco jewelryan magazine cover that feature a woman wearing a dress and APM Monaco jewelry
an magazine cover that feature a woman wearing a hoodie and APM Monaco jewelryan magazine cover that feature a woman wearing a hoodie and APM Monaco jewelry

APM News #26

  • Collection ENCHAÎNÉE is a tribute to the fashionable and chic woman. The atmosphere of this campaign perfectly reflects a strong and feminine attitude.

    The designs of Collection ENCHAÎNÉE pay homage to “mariner” types of chain designs embellished with microsetted stones but with a modern twist. Collection ENCHAÎNÉE explores a cool minimal design where symmetry and asymmetry are mirrored within the various dimensions of the collection. The collection is minimal and a reflection of subtle elegance.

    Alexandra Pereira, our ambassador, one of the most influential fashion leaders in Spain presents this campaign with refinement and feminine looks.

    Our iconic APM Monaco Graffiti accessories perfectly match this collection.

APM News #25

  • For this Collection, we went on a Gothic time travel where the dual world of black and white intersect in a punk and edgy manner, Collection ARCHI NOIR includes and reworks some of our most loved archived pieces.

    ARCHI NOIR revamps the serpent, one of APM’s must haves, the bold and eye-catching serpents are embellished with contrasting blue features, the black is embellished with lagoon-blue stones and the white is embellished with navy stones. ARCHI NOIR also revisits recurring spikes and intrinsic lace arabesque patterned jewelry seen throughout our own history and introduces a recreated heart shape with a gothic geometric spiked twist.

    This collection features our new brand ambassador, Lea Elui, one of the leading faces of the next generation of influencers. Lea is supported by a loyal community of Gen-Z’s who grew up alongside her, with over 11 million followers on Instagram, and more than 12.8 million on Tik Tok.

    The collection’s artwork is a dark geometric mandala print map
    inspired by the recurring gothic heart and lace elements seen in this collection yet also incorporating the meticulous details presented on a ticking clock with the sub-dials conveying our brand name.

    Collection ARCHI NOIR’s artwork is imprinted on a black washed canvas with an effect of a tattoo finishing.

an magazine cover that feature a woman wearing a hoodie and APM Monaco jewelryan magazine cover that feature a woman wearing a hoodie and APM Monaco jewelry
a magazine cover that features a woman sitting on a chair wearing APM Monaco jewelrya magazine cover that features a woman sitting on a chair wearing APM Monaco jewelry

APM News #24

  • Collection Eclat was shot in the spectacular setting of The Grand Salle Empire in the iconic Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. The gold leaf ceilings, colossal frescos, and chandeliers brought a magnificent golden effect to this festive collection.

    This collection was inspired by a deconstructed gift, a bold and eccentric spin on shapes and chains, featuring hearts, asymmetrical lines, rectangles and 8-point stars.

    Rethinking the divisions between classic and contemporary, pieces from this collection reflect opening a gift, daring with lustrous oversized structure. Collection Eclat is perfect to bring that sparkle this merry and magical time of year.

    Caroline Receveur, our long time brand ambassador plays centre stage in an edgy manner with a rock n roll attitude look, a contrast to our location, showing that you can wear anything, anywhere.

APM News #23

  • Bold and clean lines inspired by the military vibe...a mix of solid minimal chains with edgy unisex designs for an effortlessly timeless look.

    Inspired by the timeless camo trend, this month we are also introducing our customized APM Monaco pattern.

APM News #23APM News #23
APM News #22APM News #22

APM News #22

  • FUN CRAZY LOVE: add a personal touch to your style with a colorful and playful collection. Make a statement and create your own personalized jewel.

APM News #21

  • Step into the Summer with sunset cool & colorful of mix & match.
    Only good vibes!
APM News #21APM News #21
APM News #20APM News #20

APM News #20

  • In the beautiful gardens of the legendary Hotel de Paris, Caroline Receveur in our March collection, with a glamorous and romantic touch of cool elegance, is a perfect match to the breathtaking view of Monte-Carlo.

APM News #19

Inspired by the mysterious style of gothic designs and architecture, our Collection Janvier, presented by the fashion icon Gilda Ambrosio, brings a glamorous edge to match the uniquely cool modern woman.

APM News #19APM News #19
APM News #18APM News #18

APM News #18

Negin Mirsalehi presents the November collection shoot at Fort Antoine in Monaco. Collection MANA take its inspiration from African tribal designs ; delicate craftsmanship and colorful pieces come together to create a statement look.

APM News #17

August, Monaco...lobby of the Métropole Hôtel, Olivia showcases this FUN CRAZY LOVE collection; mix and match our customized bangles with the names of your loved ones to keep them close to you every day.

APM News #17APM News #17
APM News #16APM News #16

APM News #16

June, first weekend of the summer vacations; Sun & Sea, Julie Sariñana walks and plays with the water on the pontoon of La Vigie in Monaco. The first rays of sun, she sits at the water's edge serving herself a glass of Rosé. Smiling, cheerful, holiday, fun.

APM News #15

The prestigious Casino Monte-Carlo opened its doors to Chiara Ferragni, our brand ambassdor for LA BELLE ÉPOQUE collection.

The luxurious atmosphere of the location perfectly enhanced the collection. Inpired by the baroque period, our latest collection brings a luxurious twist with a touch of elegance to match the fashionable, elegant yet mysterious woman.

APM News #15APM News #15
APM News #14APM News #14

APM News #14

Featuring our French beauty, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, with the APM bumble bees, scarabes and the little soldiers in an intense modern black and white vibe.

APM News #13

Featuring our Brazilian beauty Camila Coelho discover new collections with the APM tiger, black silver DREAMCATCHERS and spikes along the French Riviera.

APM News #13APM News #13
APM News #12APM News #12

APM News #12

September not only marks the beginning of fashion week. It is a month to express yourself with a strong sense of identity. The beautiful flowers and elegant butterflies play centre stage of this fashionable and edgy collection.

APM News #11

Summer is right here and APM is celebrating this season with magnificent DREAMCATCHERS, cute little turtles and dainty crabs all in summer yellow color! Follow our footsteps to Saint-Tropez with these little creatures.

APM News #11APM News #11
APM News #10APM News #10

APM News #10

In this issue, we are going for something bold and fun! Featuring golden lions, scarabes, snakes and sharks! It sounds like ancient Egypt, but in fact, this collections very young and pop!

APM News #9

APM News #9 is all about playful crocos, charming turtles, naughty monkeys, enchanted snakes and flamingos as well as the little green ghosts!

APM News #9APM News #9
APM News #8APM News #8

APM News #8

This Fall/Winter Season is bringing your look to the next level. Wear a long robe coat with bold Oriental prints for a professional look or just to polish off your casual daily look. This mysterious Oriental vibe goes perfectly with dragons, shuriken and Mulan...

APM News #7

This season is all about the western cowgirl vibe, living in the desert with wild animals and cactuses. Throw on a pair of patched jeans or patterned outer.

Expert tips: style with colorful and playful animal-jewelries to become a real cowgirl.

APM News #7APM News #7
APM News #6APM News #6

APM News #6

Discover our summer collections in APM News #6. They are a tribute to South of France with a mix & match of colorful rings, ear jewels and bracelets...They are perfect for your summer look.

APM News #5

"I've always loved APM. It's a contemporary and sophisticated jewelry designs and the brand's vision of combining fashion with jewelry. This collaboration came very naturally as it has been very interesting to work with Kika, pushing our creative boundaries together and bringing exciting ideas to explore." - Caroline Receveur, our face of the new collection.

APM News #5APM News #5
APM News #4APM News #4

APM News #4

APM News #4 is all about our RUBAN DE NOËL and GRAPHITE collections. In this issue we are featuring many chokers, shoulder grazing earrings and some selected style inspirations.

APM News #3

For this Autumn issue of 'Bienvenue à Paris', we are taking you to some of our favorite Parisian hot spots.

In our "5 Days in Paris" Special Edition, we will be going on some romantic walks along the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, shopping in Saint Germain and dining in some of the local restaurants.

APM News #3APM News #3
APM News #2APM News #2

APM News #2

Every city tells a story and every individual has their own interpretation of their favorite cities.

For this summer issue of APM News 'CITIES & STYLE', we bring to you some of our most loved travel spots in the world mixing the latest fashion & jewel trends. We travel from the cultured China capital, Beijing, to the beautiful City of Light Paris, to the epitome of street style London, to the dynamic city Hong Kong where East meets West.

APM News #1

In this issue, we are bringing the French model - Ilona Smet to the APM world. She already has an impressive modeling resume under her belt, being featured in various prestigious fashion magazines.

APM News #1APM News #1