Every one of our collections tell a story, and without our jewelry presented with a campaign photoshoot, video and the campaign face, Alexandra Pereira.

The collection wouldn’t be the same, through each of our campaigns we try to represent a mood or a feeling - a transportation to a different universe.

We all love a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

To convey the vibe of the collection we shot at an exclusive location… Salle Garnier in L’Opera de Monte-Carlo.

APM Monaco Opera De Monte-Carlot

The Opera opened in 1879 and was named after famous architect Charles Garnier who also designed the Palais Garnier in Paris. Intimately seating only 524, the Salle Garnier often welcomes the Prince & Princess of Monaco in their royal box, the shoot took place in all corners of the Opéra: on stage, in the elevated private boxes, and in the audience seats.

APM Moanco alexandra pereira Opera De Monte-Carlo
APM Moanco alexandra pereira wearing Enchainee Collection

Studying to become a lawyer, Alexandra Pereira took a different route when starting her blog LovelyPepa in 2009, her unique outlook on fashion, travel and photography made her an internet sensation in Spain. Growing her platform worldwide, Alexandra now has 2 million loyal Instagram followers and has launched her own brand focusing on her jet- setting lifestyle. After being our brand ambassador for over 3 years, we are so excited for her to be the new face of our global campaign.

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