jingdaily : Philippe Prette on APM Monaco and China | June 7, 2022

jingdaily : Philippe Prette on APM Monaco and China

CEO Philippe Prette on APM Monaco and China

APM Monaco 40th event

The term “luxury” hints to heavenly comfort, indulgence, and experiences beyond the ordinary, and that’s exactly the basis of jewelry label APM Monaco. From the attentive five-sensory experience in-store, to the hand-crafted silver collections carved with different themes each month, it’s a brand that does luxury jewelry its own way.

“We developed the brand with a concept that has never existed before,” said CEO and co-founder Philippe Prette in conversation with Jing Daily. “Collections which come out and move with the trends didn’t happen before us in the jewelry business. But a lot of people can’t afford fine jewelry, so we created a business model that is more accessible while also evolving with the trends.”

The price points of the hand-crafted silver collections sit in the hundreds rather than thousands, which was somewhat of an obstacle when the family brand went from an original design manufacturer (established in 1982) to an independent label in 2012. Luxury multi-brand retailers refused to stock the collections, forcing the route of a direct-to-consumer business model. Yet today, it’s that detail which has undeniably become one of APM Monaco’s biggest strengths.

Prette explained that the brand enjoys having full access to customers as it enables them to direct exactly how they receive their collections in-store, as well as to truly personalize the vision of the brand according to their needs.
The direct-to-consumer model enhances the sense of APM Monaco being a family business, with intimate care behind every decision. The silver craftsmanship is the company’s priority, with close-knit in-house designers working together for decades on each collection. And that’s what seems to have been winning over China since the ‘90s: the accessible luxury and identity inherent with a family ethos.

APM Monaco 40th event

METEORITES is one of the most classic APM collections. Photo: Courtesy

China is APM Monaco’s largest consumer base, owing to the fact it entered the market early in comparison to other Western brands; a really fortunate move, as the region is now set to become the world’s biggest luxury market by 2025. 

“We were one of the first foreign brands to enter China back in 1992,” Prette stated. “Therefore, we have grown with the consumers, expanding in retail and maintaining their attention through our different collections each month. We really share a history with all of our consumers across the globe.” He continued to note, “Today, APM’s collections reflect fashion trends and a luxury experience, which is appreciated in China as much as in France or in Dubai.”

APM Monaco 40th event

The seasonal monthly launches follow the structure of a designer clothing brand rather than a jewelry one, which is exactly how APM Monaco strives to be perceived. Furthermore, Prette described the special lifetime repair warranty of each product. With the motto of “enjoy today while respecting tomorrow,” APM’s Wonderland program is an evergreen initiative that allows consumers to bring in their old jewelry pieces to be recycled into new ones.

This long-term care and commitment mirrors the family behind APM Monaco, who cherish their customers’ loyalty and accentuate a contemporary definition of luxury.

Evidently, the Prette family cares deeply about the experience of their consumers, which is exactly what has continually encouraged interest from the mainland and elsewhere. They are ultimately bringing the lifestyle of the French Riviera to the world, one fashion jewelry collection at a time.