Closer: APM Monaco Brings Design and Individuality to the Jewelry Market

Closer: APM Monaco Brings Design and Individuality to the Jewelry Market

APM Monaco Brings Design and Individuality to the Jewelry Market

When paying attention to the details of adornment, people can make way for creativity and exploration within their own style and identity. Jewelry can guide a simple outfit in many different directions, molding the way one presents themselves. With style varying person to person, paying attention to these details can make all the difference in portraying our individualistic features. In turn, the design of jewelry can be vital to the image one wants to portray.

However, jewelry brands that can combine luxurious designs and high-quality precious stones usually sell at a high cost, one which many cannot afford. Unattainability can limit people from prioritizing accessory details in a way that they can enjoy. More so, a Forbes article analyzed the ways in which the jewelry industry is lacking innovation and design. Essentially, consumers “expect that they will not see anything new or different at the jewelry store, so they do comparison research online and negotiate prices.” Whereas, if a jewelry company were to demonstrate differentiation through their design, especially at more attainable prices, they could attract a wider scope of consumers.

Collection Lumiere from APM Monaco

A company that noticed this gap was APM Monaco, a family-run jewelry brand that focuses on chic and elegance through a creative lens. They make sure to endorse a lifestyle that represents a ‘positive attitude, a sense of welcoming, simplicity, and kindness.’ The development of this brand image began in 2012, when after 30 years of experience in jewelry manufacturing Philippe Prette, the current CEO, created the brand with his wife, Kika Prette, the current Creative Director. With their previous knowledge and expertise, they were able to build a leading company in the fashion silver jewelry market.

Celebrating APM’s 40th anniversary with collection Yummy

In the years of their development, APM Monaco’s creative team works with themes to innovate new and unique designs, while also staying true to the brand’s identity. They utilize mood boards and art to create authentic pieces. The team also creates focused campaigns, content, and store displays for each new jewelry line. With the process of releasing a new collection every month, they have accumulated a great array of styles, while keeping prices on the lower end. They do so by staying consistent with their effective manufacturing process and using more sustainable elements like silver and zirconia stones.

Currently, with 400 stores worldwide, they take pride in their expansive physical presence, along with their online, e-commerce presence. APM Monaco cares deeply about the consumer experience in their physical locations as the store employees are there to provide guidance and insight into the brand and its products. Creating a loyal consumer base has always been a priority to the brand, making sure that their jewelry is not only of the finest quality, but that their service is also.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of the brand
APM Flagship stores in Monaco, London, New York and Beijing.

We are excited to see what is next for the company, they are most especially excited to further grow their presence in the United States.