Haute Living: APM Monaco’s 40th Anniversary Shines Across Formula 1’s Monaco Grand Prix Weekend | July  11, 2022

haute Living APM Monaco’s 40th Anniversary Shines Across Formula 1’s Monaco Grand Prix Weekend

APM Monaco’s 40th Anniversary Shines Across Formula 1’s Monaco Grand Prix Weekend

There are few sporting occasions quite as internationally transcendent as the annual Monaco Grand Prix; with a century of fascinating history dating back to 1929, the Circuit de Monaco has become heralded as the must-watch race of the Formula 1 season – and for drivers, a must-win race as part of the renowned Triple Crown of Motorsport. Known for its precarious turns, narrow street tracks, and gorgeous views of the surrounding city, the Monaco Grand Prix has become an undeniable icon of the modern sporting world.

Charles Leclerc APM Monaco 40th event

While Monaco has long existed in the public consciousness for its sumptuous shopping, picturesque location perfectly poised on the French Riviera, and extraordinary displays of wealth and prestige, the Monaco Grand Prix has opened up the opportunity for watchers from around the world to garner a look into the prestigious race’s locale and has become nearly synonymous with the city itself. While in-person attendees may watch the day’s events from a well-placed restaurant balcony or a megayacht parked in Monaco’s Bay overlooking the circuit, the widespread broadcast of the Monaco Grand Prix has given international viewers a birds-eye view into the beauty and glamor of Monaco, transporting them into Mediterranean city state like nothing before.

On Sunday, May 29, when Red Bull’s Mexican driver Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez to staved off Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and his own teammate (and current F1 Driver’s Champion) Max Verstappen to take home first place in Monaco, the energy in the air from Checo’s raw emotion was palpable – exuberant, joyful and emotional, a moment that only sweetened beloved family-owned jewelry brand APM Monaco’s 40th Anniversary, aptly celebrated at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Charles Leclerc APM Monaco 40th event

Originally founded in Monaco in 1982 by Ariane Prette, APM Monaco has risen to prominence over the years as one of the globe’s go-to sources for sophisticated fashion jewelry, adorning the necks and wrists of celebrities across the world and becoming staples of chic dresser’s wardrobes everywhere. The brand is now under the reins of Prette’s son Philippe and his wife, Kika, who elected to celebrate APM’s triumphant 40th anniversary in its home city. The setting could not have been more fitting for the occasion; Philippe is a former driver himself and a 5-time winner of the Ferrari Challenge Asia, a passion for racing that courses throughout the family’s veins. Next, Philippe’s son Louis Prette is slated to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, another arm of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, with Ferrari on June 11th and 12th.

APM Monaco 40th event

To commemorate APM Monaco’s decades-long prosperity, the brand teamed up with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc – a native of Monaco himself and currently ranked 2nd in points in the F1 standings – to rep APM Monaco, sporting the logo on his suit as he raced throughout the city’s signature winding circuit in a partnership that’s anticipated to continue in races ahead. The anniversary was likewise attended by some of APM Monaco’s most prominent influencers and ambassadors, including French YouTube sensation Lena ‘Lena Situations’ Mahfouf and the current face of APM Monaco, Thylane Blondeau.

APM Monaco 40th event

Paired with a new collaboration with MK Club, one of Monaco’s most prestigious venues located directly on the Port of Monaco, the brand’s close ties with the principality of Monaco and to Formula 1 have cemented APM Monaco, much like the annual Grand Prix, as a true iconic fixture in Monaco’s esteemed reputation around the world.

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