LA Weekly: APM Monaco’s X’Mas Gift Guide is Here at Last

APM Monaco’s X’Mas Gift Guide is Here at Last

For children, Christmas is a magical time of the year. But for adults, who have to find the right gifts for friends and family for the right price, the giving season can be surprisingly stressful. To save themselves the anxiety, many turn to shopping guides, hoping something will catch their eye and save them the trouble of scouring stores themselves. Yet, the vast majority of gift-giving guides are filled with junk that no one wants. To trust a shopping guide, you need to have reason to trust the company itself. Thankfully, there is perhaps no better curated shopping guide than this year’s annual release from APM Monaco: their X’mas Gift Guide.

Founded in 1982 in the jewelry space with expert knowledge, APM Monaco is now a renowned fashion and luxury jewelry company. The company is especially acclaimed for its jewelry that is simultaneously chic and affordable, fashionable and classic. After building a loyal following in Europe and Asia with hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores, APM Monaco, finally in 2017, launched in North America. Most recently, they opened a store in the iconic New York City neighborhood of SoHo. APM quickly earned customers’ trust in America and it shows. The brand exhibits a stunning 45 percent repeat customer rating, meaning nearly half of its shoppers are returning for another product. This is significantly higher than other retailers, and it is due to APM’s commitment to making jewelry that is both desirable and sustainable. With customers this happy, APM Monaco is establishing itself as the most trusted fashion and jewelry brand.

When an industry leader like APM puts out a holiday gift-giving guide, shoppers would be wise to peruse their selection. Some highlights of this year’s guide include their Noël Collection and their Meteorites Collection. The Noël Collection has jewelry that pairs perfectly with the holidays, featuring sparkling pearl earrings reminiscent of fresh snow and gem drops that exude joy. Similarly, the Meteorites Collection contains twinkling stars that are sure to catch everyone’s eyes without being ostentatious. For those of us with a more childlike wonder still intact, there is also the Yummy Collection, a series of jewelry in the shape of the iconic gummy bear, but with a Christmas shine. Always looking to give back during the holidays and beyond, APM Monaco recently put together a magical evening for the Gift Foundation Gala 2022 in Paris; Eva Longoria along with other notable personalities were in attendance.