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About the brand


APM jewelry is chic. APM is Monaco, synonymous with elegance, savoir-vivre, and luxury living. APM jewelry is fashion-forward. APM is street style, catwalks, trends, art. APM is smiling in the South of France. A lifestyle represented by a positive attitude, a sense of welcoming, simplicity, and kindness.

We are “chic, fashion, and smile”- it’s in our creation, production, communication, distribution, and the relationship we have with our internal teams and the APM lovers around the world.


It started with a female founder and her son in Monaco, Monte-Carlo, 1982. Ariane and Philippe Prette were key manufacturers in gold, diamonds, and other precious stones for acclaimed jewelers around the world.

In 2012, backed by 30 years of dedication and experience in an industry, as well as mastering quality craftsmanship, Philippe Prette, today the CEO, created the brand APM Monaco, together with his wife Kika Prette, the Creative Director. Their vision came to life because of their combined experience in the jewelry and fashion industries. Today APM Monaco is a leader in the fashion silver jewelry market.



The creative process of each jewelry collection starts months in advance and is led by Kika. She and her creative team imagine a universe around a particular theme; always relevant to APM brand identity. The thought process is then materialized onto a mood board which is constantly in progress; being tweaked, retouched, and added to

The entire creative team involved then must think in a direction that harmoniously marries craftsmanship and the “chic, fashion, smile”. The mood board is the inspiration for our designers, as they integrate the themes into their drawings of the handcrafted jewelry. It is also the inspiration for the artwork on our accessories, launched in store at the same time as the jewelry. Of course, it’s also the inspiration behind our campaigns, store displays, and any other content we create on and offline.

Campaigns and collections

Our campaigns, shot in Monaco, showcase parts of our identity, which is influenced by the beauty and lifestyle of the Côte d’Azur: elegance, style, simplicity, and pleasure. With each campaign, APM takes you on a new adventure! For each collection, we carefully choose a campaign face that represents the essence of the collection and shares our brand values. It all comes to life with a crafted video and photoshoot, featuring this brand ambassador, putting our jewelry at center stage within the Monaco backdrop.