APM truly believes in the forever lifespan of jewelry. With the sustain Program we use the love poured into our creation process to see beyond the ephemeral beauty of jewelry. The motto behind our endeavours is, “enjoy now, protect the future.” A mindset that’s been instrumental for our brand and something we want to carry out in many ways going forward.
Tackling the environment and sustainability means always looking to innovate and improve- we have faith that we can do incredible things! Our sustainable Wonderland Program is based on encouraging circularity.
For the sake of transparency and traceability, we own all of the production sites where the jewels are created. This lets us oversee the stages of production and keep a pulse on the quality of our jewelry and the wellbeing of our teams.
Our team is constantly thinking outside the box when it comes to packaging...We source and incorporate sustainable materials, compostable plastic, FSC carton boxes, and recycled fabrics, anywhere we can. Reducing and stopping the use of plastic and other environmentally unfriendly materials has been an important goal of ours.
Let’s keep our water clean and our planet blue! Water is one of the most precious resources, we must use it accordingly. We equip our production sites with mechanisms that help do that: we save 1 ton of condensation per day just by recycling water from air conditioning units and collect rainwater to utilize as a resource instead of wasting community drinkable water.
APM works exclusively with suppliers and shipping partners that have signed a Code of Conduct entailing the respect of the environment, health, and safety measures, and that adhere to Green Commitments and the GHG Protocol. By working to implement our environmental philosophy in all facets of our brand, we can work together to reduce our carbon footprint and resource waste.
APM Monaco’s range of accessories, including the tote bags, mini bags, and pouches, are made and designed maximizing the usage of recycled materials.
Team work makes the dream work! It’s important for us to work with individuals who share our values. We cherish the relationship we have with those who make the vision possible. That's why our focus is always the wellbeing and feeling of productivity of our teams. To ensure this, we couple high-performing software and technologies with spacious and comfortable workspaces- to encourage efficiency, creativity, and exchange.
We aim to reduce the emissions of our production sites as well as that of our stores worldwide. We cap our electricity usage with automatic timers in our facilities, stores, and offices. We are working on optimizing production resources to go toward reducing energy waste.
We know that work days can be long so we designed open office spaces to help with work flow and encourage interaction within teams. We have APM-curated areas to take breaks in and the APM cafeteria offers a South of France inspired menu too! Good food and a good mood in a high-end environment. Croque madame, anyone?