Collection FESTIVAL designs are elegant, timeless and dreamy, wearing the jewels will make you travel and believe you are in a fairy tale.

Each piece is handcrafted with scintillating stones webbed into jewels - festive drop earrings, statement necklaces, and more out-of-the-ordinary jewelry all to create a bold yet lustrous look; Fit to wear an occasion you'll want to remember.



Every one of our collections tell a story, and without our jewelry presented with a campaign photoshoot, video and the campaign face, Alexandra Pereira. The collection wouldn’t be the same, through each of our campaigns we try to represent a mood or a feeling - a transportation to a different universe. We all love a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes….


To convey the vibe of the collection we shot at an exclusive location…. Salle Garnier in L’Opera de Monte-Carlo.


The Opera opened in 1879 and was named after famous architect Charles Garnier who also designed the Palais Garnier in Paris. Intimately seating only 524, the Salle Garnier often welcomes the Prince & Princess of Monaco in their royal box, the shoot took place in all corners of the Opéra: on stage, in the elevated private boxes, and in the audience seats.

Studying to become a lawyer, Alexandra Pereira took a different route when starting her blog LovelyPepa in 2009, her unique outlook on fashion, travel and photography made her an internet sensation in Spain. Growing her platform worldwide, Alexandra now has 2 million loyal Instagram followers and has launched her own brand focusing on her jet- setting lifestyle. After being our brand ambassador for over 3 years, we are so excited for her to be the new face of our global campaign.


1. Describe APM Monaco in three words

Bold, Cool, Trendy

What was your first impression of APM Monaco? 2.

I thought that APM was very playful and elegant! It blends in very easily with my style and I loved the fact that I could wear it on virtually any occasion.

3. What is one APM staple piece for you?

I love the alphabet necklace featuring the initials of both my husband and I wear very often for its personal meaning.

What piece would you choose to take  your look from day-to-night? 4.

I love layering pieces as they enrich any look my preferred option would be to stack a timeless piece with one of the season’s latest necklaces.

5. What does it mean to you to be a brand ambassador for APM?

It is a dream come true, APM is a brand I have admired and cherished for years.



Collection ENCHAÎNÉE is a tribute to the fashionable and chic woman, exploring cool minimal designs where symmetry and asymmetry are mirrored within the various dimensions of the collection.

We will forever love chains, our signature Graine de Café and Maille Marine Chains are in all their mix & match glory making them the trendiest pieces in the game. We love to see our APM girls match their wrists to their necks with chain bracelets too. Ready, Set, Mix & Match!


Collection SYMBOLE is a mystical revival, where degy feminity meets a trendy and fashionable vibe. The collection works around different symbols with unique meanings like the Lucky Eye, the Sun, pearls, chains, and more...

The lucky eye has been recurrent in many APM collections, we love redesigning the meaningful symbol as not only does it act as a good luck charm but also as an everyday jewel! Mix & match them to easily add a pop of color to your look!


Every month, alongside each of our jewelry Collections, we design a signature artwork to go with the aesthetic of the Collection. Match your favorite APM jewels with accessories imprinted on signature tote bags, oversized hoodies, jewelry boxes, classic tees and more… every month the line of accessories changes based on the vibe of the Collection– you can have it all, in APM Style.

Our range of accessories featuring our FESTIVAL artwork.

Our accessories featuring our iconic GRAFFITI artwork.

P.S. These make the perfect gift!


APM has a collection to fit anyone’s style = from the trendy, to the minimalist, to the glamorous. Each and one of those personalities are featured in some of our most iconic pieces from Collection Meteorites, Eternelle, Croisette and more.

 Find your own must haves and build your collection!





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This year, APM Monaco shows a deep commitment to support young talents in pursuing their dreams.

Louis Prette and Vincent Abril are at the wheel of the 488 GT3 Evo 2020 of AF Corse - APM Monaco. Stephane Ortelli and Angelo Negrro also represent the AF Corse APM Monaco Team.

The APM Racing team has participated in a number of races such as the 2020 GT Open, 24hr Le Mans, the Ferrari Challenge and more....



Enjoy a unique shopping experience mirrored by the 5 bodily senses and immerse yourself in the Monegasque spirit and the South of France lifestyle while visiting our APM Monaco boutiques. APM selects the finest materials to create a warm and welcoming boutique experience for our customers…


Enjoy a unique shopping experience and immerse yourself in the Monegasque spirit and the South of France lifestyle while visiting our APM Monaco boutiques. APM selects the finest materials to create a warm and welcoming boutique experience.



APM has opened its doors in the center of Rome with a new unique concept. Visit us and try our new collections in comfort in the immersive space where some of our iconic artworks come alive.


SKP-S Beijing is an exclusive luxury futuristic concept that was launched by the CEO of SKP, Mr. Ji in collaboration with Hankook Kim, the founder of Gentle Monster. The duo created a futuristic world, that crosses our reality to Mars. You can find our boutique with a new concept in line with the SKP-S ideology of being a state of mind where visitors are taken into a new dimension the moment that they enter the space.