Collection SYMBOLE is a mystical revival, where edgy femininity meets a trendy and fashionable vibe.

The collection works around different symbols with unique meanings like the Evil Eye, the Sun, pearls, chains, and more... Each piece comes alive with blue and green embellishments that add a pop of color to this modern and cool collection.

Our iconic APM Monaco Graffiti accessories seamlessly match the mysterious side of this Collection.


Collection ENCHAÎNÉE is a tribute to the fashionable and chic woman. The atmosphere of this campaign perfectly reflects a strong and feminine attitude.

The designs of Collection ENCHAÎNÉE pay homage to “mariner” types of chain designs embellished with microsetted stones but with a modern twist. Collection ENCHAÎNÉE explores a cool minimal design where symmetry and asymmetry are mirrored within the various dimensions of the collection. The collection is minimal and a reflection of subtle elegance.

Alexandra Pereira, our ambassador, one of the most influential fashion leaders in Spain presents this campaign with refinement and feminine looks.

Our iconic APM Monaco Graffiti accessories perfectly match this collection


Collection Valentine highlights some of the most fashionable trends of the moment.
We sought out the coolest styles and meshed them with colorful, young and edgy vibes to create our Valentine collection, playful jewelry with neon hints, lockets and chains - emblems of what’s in.


For this Collection, we went on a Gothic time travel where the dual world of black and white intersect in a punk and edgy manner, Collection ARCHI NOIR includes and reworks some of our most loved archived pieces.

ARCHI NOIR revamps the serpent, one of APM’s must haves, the bold and eye-catching serpents are embellished with contrasting blue features, the black is embellished with lagoon-blue stones and the white is embellished with navy stones. ARCHI NOIR also revisits recurring spikes and intrinsic lace arabesque patterned jewelry seen throughout our own history and introduces a recreated heart shape with a gothic geometric spiked twist.

This collection features our new brand ambassador, Lea Elui, one of the leading faces of the next generation of influencers. Lea is supported by a loyal community of Gen-Z’s who grew up alongside her, with over 11 million followers on Instagram, and more than 12.8 million on Tik Tok.